Zoning Processes

Zoning & Planning Processes 101

Land Disturbance Permit

When applying for Land Disturbance, you will need:
  • Zoning/Land Disturbance Application
  • Plat or Aerial View of Property showing limits of disturbance (including dimensions of clearing), as well as construction entrance (with dimensions)
  • In Lieu of Agreement (less than 1 acre)


When subdividing land, you will need:
  • Eight (8) copies of plat
  • Subdivision Application

Home Occupation

In order to do a business out of your home IN King William, you will need a Home Occupation Permit. This is a one time fee of $75.00. NOTE: Property owner signature is REQUIRED on the application!
  • Home Occupation Application

Kennel License

If you have never received a Kennel License OR it has lapsed over the years, you will need Zoning Approval before obtaining the license. This is a one time fee of $75.00. 

[Kennels are required to be a minimum of 200 feet from all property lines]
  • Zoning Application
  • Plat OR GIS/Aerial View of property showing where the kennel will be located, along with setbacks.

Zoning/Tenant Upfit