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Public Bid Notices - Requests for Proposals are catalogued in the Public Notice section of the website.

County Administration Reports - The County Administrator and the departments reporting to him provide a variety of reports to keep the public informed of what has happened, what is currently happening, and plans for the future. These reports include: 

  • Departmental Six-Month Work Plans
  • Departmental Annual Reports
  • Monthly Messages
  • Monthly Board Reports


Budget - The Finance Department prepares an annual draft document for the Board of Supervisors in accordance with sections 15.2-2503 through 2507 in the Code of Virginia 1950, as amended. Once adopted and appropriated by the Board, this document becomes the roadmap for the next fiscal year.

Quarterly Finance Reports - The Director of Financial Services began preparing and presenting a quarterly summary report of the County's finances to present to the Board of Supervisors in May of 2022. 

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports - Each fiscal year, an independent accounting firm audits the County's government-wide financial statements and fund financial statements and performs a financial analysis in accordance with Government Auditing Standards.

Procurement Policy - This policy is to increase public confidence in purchasing by the County, to provide for fair and equitable treatment of all persons involved in public purchasing by the County, to maximize the purchasing value of public funds, to foster
competition in the procurement process to the maximum feasible extent, and to provide for a centralized purchasing system of quality and integrity.


Emergency Operations Plan - The Code of Virginia, §44-146.19, requires each local jurisdiction to prepare and keep current a local emergency operations plan. Every four years, a comprehensive review and revision is done to ensure the plan remains current. The Board of Supervisors adopts the plan. Updates to the 2020 EOP were approved by the Board of Supervisors at their April 10, 2023 Work Session.


Personnel Policy & Procedures Manual - County Employees are a valuable resource and an integral part of the system established to provide governmental services. Without them the mission of the County Government could not be accomplished. The following polices are intended to ensure equal treatment of all employees and to serve as a written statement of the importance the Board of Supervisors of King William County assigns to the well-being of the County’s workforce.


Comprehensive Plan - A comprehensive plan is a statement of long-range policies made by the governing body of a community concerning its future physical development. Comprehensive planning is one process available to local government for addressing current issues, anticipating needs, and scheduling public improvements. 

Zoning Ordinance - The Zoning Ordinance is updated as needed to help fulfill the vision of the Comprehensive Plan and to ensure property owners are all held to the same standard.


2020 Master Utility Plan - The Master Utility Plan provides guidance for the orderly and timely implementation of upgrades to the water utility system to serve future growth within the Central Garage Water System.

Utilities Standards: Standards for water and sewer systems and related work (November 2018) - These Standards have been developed for use by engineers and developers working on water and sewer utility projects within King William County and for County personnel who review those projects. It is important to note that the ownership, operation, and maintenance of the sanitary sewer infrastructure in King William County has been transferred to Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD).