Form of Government

King William County is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors who are elected from the five County magisterial districts to four year terms. The Board of Supervisors appoint a County Administrator who serves as the full time County Executive and oversees day-to-day operations. The Board also appoints members to several other County boards and commissions as well, including the Planning Commission, the Economic Development Authority, the Recreation Commission, the Wetlands Board and the Social Services Board. In King William County, both the Town of West Point and the King William County School Boards are directly elected by the citizens and not appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Constitutional Officers

Additionally, the Constitution of Virginia specifies five Constitutional Officers who are directly elected by the citizens of King William to serve in distinct capacities. They are:

  • The Sheriff, who in King William is the primary law enforcement official in the County, elected to a four year term.
  • The Commonwealth’s Attorney, who serves as the prosecutor on behalf of the County and State, elected to a four year term.
  • The Treasurer, responsible for collection of tax revenues, elected to a four year term.
  • The Commissioner of the Revenue, responsible for the assessment of tax revenues, elected to a four year term.
  • The Clerk of Circuit Court, who serves the County’s Court System and is the custodian of all Court records, elected to an eight year term.

Each Constitutional Officer appoints varying numbers of deputies and support staff who assist them in carrying out the duties prescribed by the Virginia Constitution.