PUBLIC water Utilities

The King William County Utilities Department is responsible for maintaining a robust water supply that stays in compliance with Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Drinking Water. Our mission is to provide quality customer service to all King William water consumers on the county systems. 

The King William County central water system services the central garage area including King William High School and the Central Crossing Shopping Center. The subdivisions serviced are Central Crossing, McCauley Park, Kennington as well as parts of Marle Hill, West Liberty Farms, Mt. Olive, and Fontainebleau. 

We are also apart of VA811 and provide locating services for any county supplied watermains and services. 

Our department inspects all new construction projects with installation of new waterlines to ensure they are installed to the county's specifications. 

We work closely with Hampton Roads Sanitation regarding any billing issues that may occur and with Bowman Consulting on the review of designs for all new projects within the county.

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