Biosolids / Sludge Land Application

Biosolids, also known as sludge, are treated organic materials derived from municipal wastewater treatment facilities. These materials are used in agricultural and forestry applications, as a fertilizer and soil conditioner. The regulation, inspection and enforcement of biosolids regulations land application of biosolids is done by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Contact for Questions

If you have questions or concerns about the use of biosolids in the County please contact DEQ, or the County’s Environmental officer, Sherry Graham by email, or at 804-769-4978. If leaving a complaint, please include your name, address and telephone number so we may follow-up with you.

When the Planning Department receives a complaint regarding biosolids, we will notify both DEQ and the company applying the biosolids within 24-hours, making them aware of the nature of the complaint. County staff will also follow-up with their own inspection of the property.

Questions or complaints regarding biosolids may also be sent directly to DEQ’s Piedmont Regional Office using the following contact:
Thomas "Scott" Haley
Biosolids Specialist
4949-A Cox Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: 804-527-5006 (office)
Phone: 804-221-1829 (cell)

Additional Information

More information about biosolids can be found at: