Dog Licenses

All dogs 4 months old or older in King William County must be licensed annually. These licenses must be purchased from the County Treasurer’s Office by February 1 of each year. If a dog shall become four months of age or come into the possession of any county resident by November 1 of any year, the owner must pay the license fee for the current calendar year.

Dog licenses will not be issued by the Treasurer’s Office unless proof of vaccination by a licensed veterinarian is presented. Kennels (with 5 or more dogs) must come to the County Administration Building and go through the Planning and Zoning Department to get kennel tags.

The dog license consists of a license receipt and a metal license tag. Dogs must display the license tag on a collar, along with a rabies tag. See County Code, Chapter 10 for more details.


Licenses can be purchased at:

  • Regional Animal Shelter
  • King William Treasurer’s Office
  • Town Hall, West Point


  • Individual Dog: $5
  • Kennel (Up to 20 dogs): $25


Kennels (Keeping of 5 or More Dogs)

Kennels are only permitted in the A-C (Agriculture-Conservation) and the M (Industrial) districts. A distance of 200 feet is required from the kennel area to any property line.

Hunt Clubs

Hunt Clubs are only allowed in the A-C district. Pens or kennels must be at least 200 feet away from any property line. Note: A hunt club may be in the R-R (Rural Residential) district but only after a Special Exception has been approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.