Community Connection Program

The Community Connection Program has provided alternative services for juveniles before the court and court services unit in the counties of King William, King and Queen, Middlesex, New Kent, and Charles City since 1995. The services are funded through the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act (VJCCCA). The Community Connection Program provides support, intervention, and education to assist youth in discovering their strengths and abilities while helping them grow and thrive in becoming productive and successful citizens.



  • To provide a balanced, community-based system of services, programs and sanctions for juvenile offenders.
  • To provide services that will divert juveniles from secure detention.
  • To allow local autonomy in addressing juvenile crime and emphasizing juvenile and parental responsibility.


The services provided assist in keeping CSA and secure detention costs down. They also provide an alternative to removing a juvenile from the home, thereby providing a forum for supervision while the juvenile awaits his impending court date or supervision while education, counseling or other juvenile related services are provided within the community.


Programs/Services provided by the Community Connection Program


  • Community Service Work
  • Law Related Education
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Anger Control Education
  • Intensive Supervision
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Specialized Plan Services



    Physical Address
    41 Horse Landing Road
    King William, VA 23086
    Mailing Address
    PO Box 218
    King William, VA 23086
    Fax: 804-769-0851
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    Community Connection Program

  2. Program Manager

    Veda Frazier

    Program Director

  3. Program Specialist

    Rodney Veney

    Program Specialist II

  4. Lauren

    Lauren Lechowicz

    Juvenile Counselor